Nature's Intent
"Guiding You Naturally Toward Optimum Health"

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You Are Nature
Doesn't it make sense to use nature to your wellness advantage?

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Nature's Intent is here to be your partner and mentor in achieving peak wellness and life goals.  We tap into many nature-inspired areas to help you get to an optimum place with your overall health, whether you need support in:
  • Using Nutrition Therapy to enhance your health and change your life
  • Understanding the role of nutrition and nature in health promotion, disease prevention and healing
  • Experimenting with natural remedies and techniques for optimum health
  • Utilizing Guided Meditation to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health goals
  • Bringing energy alignment into your home or office to enhance your life 

Our goal is to help you have the best experience you can with your life so that you can feel great, look great and be in a great place in terms of whole body health. 

What makes Nature's Intent different: We don't believe in pushing costly products, 'tools', or tests on you.  We won't tell you that you need to meet with us over and over again to achieve results or success.  Doing these things might bring more money and an artificial sense of credibility to our business, but that is not our focus (our credibility comes from the lives we touched and the numerous referrals we get from satisfied clients, not from adding unneccessary things for which you have to pay more money).  Our focus is to help you maintain optimum wellness in all areas of your life via simple but highly effective means that address your personal situation and needs in a budget-friendly manner. 

The majority of our business comes from referrals.  These constant referrals and the continual personal success stories of those whose lives we touched (and who in turn touch ours!!!) are worth more than all the gold on the planet! Getting to a great place in life can be easy and fun!  We've been doing it this way with phenomenal success for over 15 years!  Why change a great thing for the wrong reasons?

To your good health!  Dianne Elizabeth

 (Last update: 4/12/14)  

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